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Because we want to offer you the possibility to make your dream come true and find your dreamguitar, we spend our time searching for luthiers who will be the stars of tomorrow. If we only select big famous names (Smallman, Friederich, Dammann, Wagner, Hauser, Romanillos,..) clearly these guitars won’t be affordable or you will have to wait years before having your guitar. On the contrary, there are some talented young luthiers who are as good if not better. Among them, we are proud to list Kim Lissarrague, John Price, Martin Blackwell, Dennis Tolz, Charalampos Koumridis .. their guitars are played by great concertist players.

Glenn Canin is one of them and we are proud to offer you one of his double-top very soon. Glenn has 2 years of waiting list. Here is the opportunity to get now one of the most sought double top of America.

I asked Glenn to talk about him, here are his words:

“I studied classical guitar and did my undergraduate and graduate studies with Pepe and Celin Romero. During those years I was fortunate to play many great guitars from their collection from Torres to Freiderich. I also owned and played great guitars by Contreras, Khono, and Rodriguez. I loved many of these instruments but always found myself wanting more out of them- more sound, greater dynamic range and color palette, more sustain, and more power!

15 years ago I began playing flamenco guitar for fun. My best friend was going to Spain to study flamenco and buy a guitar. I gave him money to buy one for me. After 3 months he came back with guitars for us both that I found very unimpressive. I decided to take matters into my own hands and make myself one. I had spent many years of my youth crafting custom surfboards for a living so I knew how to use tools and carve things. I was fortunate to get guidance from a local luthier and Pepe Romero Jr. so the guitar was pretty successful. In fact one of the top US flamenco guitarists- Jason McGuire – ended up buying the guitar and encouraging me to take up luthery full time. I built flamenco guitars for a couple of years but quickly switched to classical guitars as this was where my heart was. I was fortunate to learn much of the craft from Eric Monrad who I consider to be the finest guitar builder in the US. I was soon drawn to building doubletop guitars as I remembered how unsatisfied I was with the traditional guitar. I built many nice guitars using nomex and was able to satisfy my desire for greater power and color palette. But I always felt the guitars were too bright and unnatural sounding. Then I came across the idea of using small sticks of balsa from Toni Mueller and adopted this technique. Since then I feel that I have been able to realize my vision of a guitar that satisfies all of the things I’ve always wanted- power, large dynamic and color palette, great sustain, warmth and beauty. 

Bruce Holzman, Andrew Zohn, Celil Refik Kaya, Duo Noire, Alexander Dunn, Charles Mokotoff…and many more top level guitarists are playing on my guitars”

As an example,here is a recording of Charles Mokotoff playing a spruce top guitar made by Glenn in 2017.

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