Jim Redgate 2008 Ana Vidovic model – Australia

I can’t believe that we had 2 preowned Jim Redgatefor sale in a row. After the 2009, here is a 2008 Jim Redgate. For once, a rare classical guitar from Jim Redgate featuring a Master grade cedar top nice South American rosewood, and of course the magical sound of Jim guitars. This 2008 is in excellent good condition. The guitar is similar to the one played by the great Ana Vidovic, at that time Jim’s guitars used to have laminated back and sides and an arched back – today the back and sides are just solid wood. For those who want to play like Ana. We did not have enough time to make the review of this No 290, so I have added some amazing videos of Armen Doneyan  – a fantastic French player – playing this particular guitar.

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