The Australiens luthiers are famous for their lattice braced guitars, However all of them are not making lattice style guitars. There are a small group of them who are focusing their art developping radial bracing guitars.

Most of them are related to Simon Marty who is of the most-sought luthier in the world. His guitars are played a famous concertists such as Marco Tamayo, Anabel Montesinos, Karin Schaupp, Irina Kulikova or Jeremy Jouve. Simon Marty, Roning Moyes and Jesse Moore make Radial Braving guitars.

All share the same sound features which are :

  • a everending sustain
  • lots of overtones
  • clarity with warm medium
  • big voice

Here is below a comparison of 2 radial bracing guitars, one from Simon Marty and one from Jesse Moore.

For those interested by these radial bracing guitar, we just got a brand new spruce top guitar from Jesse Moore.

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