As some of you have noticed some of our guitars are sold before arriving in the shop. So following the arrival planning is very important to pick your dream guitar. Every month, we publish the list of the pending orders in the tube. Some of our luthiers have a waiting list of several years and they do us a favor by supplying us with a new guitar. So here is our pending orders January 2018.

Pending orders January 2018 :

 Dieter Hopf lattice Evolucion : June 2018
– Paul Sheridan , lattice classical guitar, Australia : March 2018 – on hold
– John Price – lattice classical guitar- Australia – March 2018
– Reza Safavian – double-top classical guitar – Germany – February 2018
– Charalampos Kouroudis – lattice classical guitar – Greece –  March 2018
– Robin Moyes, radial bracing classical guitar, Australia: September 2018
– Andreas Krimse,  double-top classical guitar, Germany: 2e semester 2018
– Dennis Tolz,  double-top classical guitar, Germany: 2e semester 2018
– Gernot Wagner,  double-top classical guitar, Germany: 2e semester 2018

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