Martin Blackwell is one of the best luthier making double-top guitars. Originally inspired by Matthias Dammann, Martin has, however developed his own double-tops with the objective loudness and musical quality.

Most of the time, he uses Nomex in-between 2 slices of cedar (or spruce) for his top. However, in order to search for a more ‘woody’ natural sound, Martin has tested for some of his guitars blasa instead of Nomex.

Here is as a reference a review of his last Nomex top guitar so you can compare with the balsa that we just received (see Martin Blackwell No. 135 which is using Balsa wood). Nomex tends to produce a very dark/warm sound whereas the Balsa a clearer / brighter sound.

In May, we will get a new Balsa top guitar and will shoot a review of the guitar.

Example  of a Martin Blackwell double-top using Nomex.

Our guitar reviews are made in order to show you the strong features of a guitar. They are made without any big preparation in order to remain spontanous. No effect no reverb added.

The next Balsa top  Martin Blackwell is planned to arrive end of April 2017.

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