We have been promoting Martin Blackwell’s guitars since 10 years because we always considered his work as fabulous and his DT as among the best of the market. Now his DT are played by  numerous GFA winners from all generations : Leonela Alejandro – GFA 2024, Ekachai Jearakul – GFA 2014,  Gabriel Bianco – GFA 2008, Marc Teicholz – GFA 1989, Adam Holzman, GFA 1983, Gérard Abiton, Antoine Morinière, Rene Izquierdo, Celso Machado, Tariq Harb, Drew Henderson, Ibison Duo, Dragos Ilie,…

Here is the review video of the latest DT from Martin that we received.

We will get a brand new one in December 2024, contact us to get more information.

More info on this guitar.

classical guitar luthier Martin Blackwell front

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