Our target is to offer to you the best classical guitars from famous and not so famous luthiers.We receive every month on average 2 new guitars from luthiers which are not listed in our showroom – most of the time they contact us to present their works . We keep very few of these new guitars moslty because they are not any better from the ones we have in stock – of course that is a very subjective point of view -. Most of the time they are too traditional, or un balanced or without any personality. Because we are listing great luthier guitars, the competition is very though.  We purchase 90% of the guitars that are in our showroom and take very few guitars on consignement because we don’t want to offer to you a second choice.

That is the key diiference with other dealer which are listing many more guitars for sale most of them being on consignement and being pre-owned.

When we found a great luthiers which happen few time per year, then it can take us many month, sometimes a few year before having a guitar from the luthier.

So here are the guitars due to arrive very soon:


  • Dennis Tolz –  Germany. Dennis is maybe the young luthier who had had the fastest recognition for the public sinceone of his guitar has been purchased by David Russell. His DT are surely among the best. His waiting list has reached 9 years !. The guitar will be here mid march 2019.
  • Graham Caldersmith – Australia : Last guitar from Graham was a dream guitar , the new one will be here end of february 2019.
  • Zbigniew Gnatek – Australia : each new guitar from Zbigniew Gnatek is amazing. Many concert players such as Costas Cotsiolis are playing on Zbigniew Gnatek. The guitar will be here early February.
  • Paul Sheridan– Australia :   last but not least we will receive end of February a new Paul Sheridan. Paul made the last guitar of Stephanie Jones, just as reference.

We will get as well two nice preowned guitars :

  • Dominik Wurth – Germany : next week we will receive a 2016 Torres copy is a replica of the 1859 Antonio de Torres FE09. It is a Tornavoz guitar which was played by Miguel Llobet. Not the most powerful guitar but the Torres sound.
  • Kazuo Sato – Germany : end of February we will receive a nice concert guitar from Kazuo Sato.. more to come

A bientôt


André & Philippe

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Any question contact andre@guitare-classique-concert.fr

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