The 2020 lattice guitar model from Jim Redgate 

Philippe and I played 10 years ago on Jim Redgate’s guitars and getting in our showroom a brand new guitar from Jim was for us our Holygraal! The new 2020 lattice guitar that Jim brought is was beyond everything we could imagine. The guitar is louder, warmer, has more dynamics but remains very traditional sounding. The body is as light as a traditional guitar which gives a true pleasure for the player. A super light lattice guitar for huge sound and pleasure. Watch our video, you won’t be disappointed! Jim came to visit us and explained that all the developments of the Ana Vidovic lattice guitar have as an objective to move away from the usual lattice ‘artificial’ sound to a more natural sound but still with a huge dynamics. That is why his new lattice guitar is lighter with solid back and sides instead of laminated wood. The back is flat and not arched and the top is much thicker than on the average lattice Australian guitar. As a result, the guitar is more woody, more natural-sounding but still with a big voice.  All this work took years to achieve. The sound has still the same tone color as his previous lattice model but with a little bit more sound thickness which adds some warmness. What is really amazing is the thickness consistency of the notes and the dynamics even below the 12 fret. A result of the pleasure which already great for the player becomes HUGE! More information on this 2020 Jim Redgate  No 420 by clicking on the link.

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