An amazing Daniel Friederich – among the best sounding that we had – from 1974 fully original!

As you know Daniel Friederich guitars are the most sought classical guitars in the world. Every week we receive from all over the world inquiries of players on Daniel Friederich guitars. So it is not surprising that prices are skyrocketing. As an important guitar dealer, we have noticed that the demand for Friederich largely exceeds the demand for old legendary guitars such as Fleta, Hauser of Romanillos. Here is one of the very best Daniel Friederich that we are offering at an exceptional price due to its condition.

We are famous for having the lowest prices on the Friederich – we always price our Friederich in a way that the buyer can make an immediat profit when reselling his guitar. Our prices are low because we are located in France and we have access to a large number of sellers.Usually our Friederich are sold within 2 days, if you are searching for a Friederich, send us an email and you will receive a pre-annoucement for the next guitars.

Here is a great Friederich for sale from 1974 No 394 cedar top Indian rosewood. This Friederich from 1974 is from Daniel’s best year and the story said that when Alexandre Lagoya (who was a famous French player) heard that guitar, he rushed at Daniel’s workshop to ask for the same guitar. This guitar is surely one of the best sounding Friederich that we have had. The guitar is all original and the price takes into account some small issues which do not interfere with the sound quality: More information on this Daniel Friederich 1974  No 394 by clicking on the link.

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