Each guitar of Martin Blackwell is a piece of art : an amazing craftmanship and a sound quality that is difficult to find with other luthier. Here are our latest demo video of this great guitar.

clic on the link if you wish to have more information on the No 151 from Martin Blackwell.

Here are some more information on Martin Blackwell guitars:

We just received a new Double-top from Martin Blackwell : the n° 151 is using , as the latest No. 141 that we had, balsa instead of Nomex like the new Matthias Dammann. The results is amazing, the same thickness, the same loudness but with a little bit of brightness in the notes. This double-top produces fat and creamy notes and as well a long sustain with huge overtones, the sustain is long. A must.

Martin Blackwell do not produce double-tops but wonderful classical guitars which happens to be double-tops. When we first contact Martin, here is what he said on this classical guitar making : “my philosophy is to use the double-top technology to basically make a really great traditional sounding guitar. A classical guitar with a more powerful sound, more resonance, more presence. A more complete classical guitar which is a full concert guitar but which also has the subtlety to sound great in the living room as well. I don’t want to get away from the beauty of the traditional  tonality. Because of this I know there are other double-tops and lattice classical guitars which are louder than what I am building.  The best response which I get consistently from good players is that the guitar just sounds like a really good classical guitar and not necessarily a double top.”

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