Here is a new 2-minutes-only video aiming at telling you what Philippe likes about .. the 1978 Daniel Friederich No 479.

It is very rare to have in the showroom a great Daniel Friederich of the best years. Most of the time they are gone before we had time to make some videos. We won’t tell you again that the Friederich guitars are the most valuable guitars in the world. Just listen to Philippe video.

More information on this 1978 Daniel Friederich No 479 guitar by clicking on the link.

We receive many requests from guitar players asking questions about some guitars or some technical points on particulars guitars. Here are our answers in short. Just for those who want a good reason to give to their wife why have really to buy this guitar! Please send us all the questions you may ask yourself.

1978 Daniel Friederich No 479

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