2013 Preowned John Price lattice guitar

Most of the John Price classical guitars are on hold when we receive them. Here is the opportunity to get a nice 2013 John Price guitar in very good condition. John his very consistant when building guitars. This 2013 sounds as the new ones but is just a little bit more opened.
Here is the link to the detail guitar description.

Here is a video that we made when we received the guitar in 2013. If the guitar is not sold before we will make some new video. But I doubt we will have enougth time to do so.

Here are some more info on John Price guitars:

The very best of traditional woods, contemporary materials and modern building methods are used in my range of John Price Concert Guitars.

Utilising both musicianship and cabinet making skills, I take an intuitive approach when designing and building these instruments. My unique approach to the construction of the soundboard and the lattice that supports it greatly enhance the volume, tonal range and flexibility of nuance required in the modern style of guitar.

By coupling this type of soundboard with an arched, brace less back, sustain and projection are also greatly enhanced.

All of these features are complimented by a consistency in the set-up of the guitar resulting in an appreciable ease of playing offering the performer a greater scope of musical expression and interpretation.

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