Video demo : traditional classical guitar from Young Seo – korea

It is very rare that we offer a new guitar with a traditional bracing mostly because they do not offer the same volume as the DT or lattice guitars. Here is an amazing guitar from Korea for those who want the same feel and touch of a traditional guitar but with thepossibility to play in big theater. Apart from the loudness, what strucks us moslty is the sound quality.Listen to the videos and you will understand what we mean.
Here is the link to get more information of this Young Seo guitar.

Here are some more information on

Korea is the country of innovation and modernity. Research is the strongest strength of that small country, at least when it comes to electronic goods … but not only foe the electronics. What a surprise when we discover the guitars of Master Young Seo. Half way between the Japanese and the Spanish lutherie but with a huge personality. M. Young Seo is first a guitarist and a luthier who has been making guitar since 2002. He has worked with many big names of the lutherie with very diversified profils such as Fleta y Hijos, Arcangel Fernadez, Agel Benito Aguado, Manuel Caceres in Spain and Kim Lissarrague in Australia.
rom all these luthiers, M. Young Seo has developped his own design. As you can expect the craftmanship is incredible with many details that many luthiers are not doing anymore because of the working time needed.

The inside is traditional without any carbon.

How does the guitar sound ? To make it simple, Philippe and I shared exactly the same feeling.
The guitar is loud – very loud for a traditional guitar – balance with deep basses and lovely trebles. Last time we heard something equivalent was when we played one of the latest Daniel Friederich – We had the chance to play a late Friederich. Let repeat it clearly, M. Youg Seo guitar was really as good as the Friederich .. I know that comparison sounds a little bit over rated but truly that is not the case.. exactly what we thing of this guitar. Exactly the same projection and brightnees/warmness mix. Definitly a great guitar.



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