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Video review of an amazing Daniel Friederich 1974 cedar top

An amazing Daniel Friederich – among the best sounding that we had – from 1974 [...]

Video review of the 1988 Daniel Friederich No 653 – France

Here is a dream guitar from Daniel Friederich is an amazing condition from the best [...]

Video review of the New model 2019 Super Concert from Jeroen Hilhorst No 131

Jeroen Hilhorst is an amazing luthier building one-of-kind guitars that are very loud and most [...]

New arrival : Gerard Audirac concert guitar 2009 – top without sound-hole

As you know, the innovations are key for us and more than welcome when it [...]

Dieter Hopf Portentosa Evolucion No 5068

Dieter Hopf is one of the great German luthier famous for his Portentosa guitars. The [...]

The holy grail of the guitar Daniel Friederich guitar 1979 No 493

Daniel Friederich guitars are surely the most sought classical guitars in the world and the [...]

Comparative video guitar luthier Philipp Neumann versus Jose Ramirez 1a

Philipp Neumann is maybe one of the greatest German luthier offering traditional bracing guitars. As [...]

Video demo : traditional classical guitar from Young Seo – korea

Video demo : traditional classical guitar from Young Seo – korea It is very rare [...]

Master Luthier Young Seo Special cedar/IRW – Korea

Korea is famous for all the high tech brands and research and innovation are part [...]

Pre-owned traditional guitars : 4 great spruce classical guitars to compare (Sakurai, Imai, ..)

For once, here are 4 great traditional guitars available for sale : all preowned, all [...]

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