20 Year ago, Matthias Dammann and Gernot Wagner invented the double-top concepts. Since them Double-tops classical guitars have become very popular among players and luthiers. Why such a success? Simply because these guitars offers more sound, tick and creamy notes and usually a warm tone.

However many luthiers have tried to build double-tops guitars simply by changing their top and we have noticed that few of them really succeed to achieve a great results. Even is the additional volume is there the balance and the sustain are rarely at the level of a concert guitar.

Because the overall weight of the top and of the guitar matter, only very gifted luthiers succeed to produce high quality double-tops.


We have selected for you some luthiers which are or will be among the great names of guitarmaking, this month we have available (just click on the link to get more information)

It is not that often that we have so many DT for sale.


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