Last year we have been more than impressed by a spruce top from the luthier Christian Koehn. This new cedar is maybe the best traditional classical guitar that we have played. I know that sounds overstated.. but really this guitar is amazing..

Christian is a young luthier from Berlin – Germany who build amazing traditional guitars which are as powerful as a DT or a lattice. His guitars include an innovative turnavoz inspired by the bass-relex systems on the upper side which brings sustain and warm colors. One the best traditional guitar for sure.

The guitar offers a 3 pieces indian rosewood and a cedar top. The overall color of the guitar is traditional but with a huge sound and a long sustain. The playability is excellent. The craftmanship is amazing.
There is a soundport on the upper side which is not a soundport but behaves like a bass-reflex system which adds sustain and a warm tone to the guitar. As a result, the guitar is incredibilit loud with a very delicate sound.

The cedar brings some warmness to the guitar. The tone is very close to the ones of the best guitars that we had but with some clarity and a great balance. The bass are big and deep.The string separation perfect. No double-top or lattice colors, just a classical guitar tone with huge creamy sound.

Simply the best traditional guitar that we ever had.

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