Daniel Friederich 1989 No 653

Daniel Friederich is surely one of the best luthiers of all time. His guitars are rare but fantastic. The prices as well are amazing because the Daniel Friederich guitars are becoming an investment for many buyers who expect to make a significant profit when reselling. Like it or not that his the market reality. We very rarely list any ‘investment-profile’ guitars such as Bouchet, Fleta, Hauser because what we prefer is to offer guitars that will be played by professionals of passionate amateurs and which remain affordable and offer modern features. However, we do have a huge network of players and have between 2 to 4 times a year some Daniel Friederich for sale. We turned down all selling proposition which seems to us out of reach of players. What we try to do is to offer our Daniel Friederich at a lower price than the market level which any way very high.

Most of the time all our Daniel Friederich are sold or on hold when they are advertised on our websites.

The only way to purchase a Daniel Friederich is to join our special list of Daniel Friederich Seeker. Send us an email saying that you want to be informed in advance andrfe@guitare-classique-concert.fr.

Then you will receive a preannouncement to all our Daniel Friederich for sale. You will find a full description and the video review of the guitar. Most of the time the Daniel Friederich are sold within a few days.

The finest luthier guitars are available at www.concert-classical-guitar.com

Any question contact andre@guitare-classique-concert.fr




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