In september, we always try to have a large sample of lattice and DT. However many of the new incoming guitars are already sold when they arrived, so we advise you to look in addition to our available guitars to our sold guitars and ask us to hold the guitar when she will be there.

Here are the new guitars just arrived :

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G.R Bear – Canada
John Price n°333 2013 – Australia
John Price n° 318  2017 – Australia
Dieter Hopt Portentosa Evolucion – Germany
Graham Caldersmith n° 110- Australia
Zbigniew Gnatek 2016 – Australia
Vicente Carillo Lattice -2016 – Spain
Stanislaw Partyka spruce 64 cm – Poland
Giannis Paleodimopoulos – Greece
Jesse Moore (Simon Marty assistant) –
Allan Bull– Australia
Régis Sala Australe – France
Ian Kneipp – Australia


Daniel Friederich 1970 Spruce/ Brazilian – Sold
Philipp Neumann– Germany
José Ramirez 1A 1995 – Spain
Stephan Schlemper – 2008 – Germany
Pierre Marcard – France
Gary Southwell decacordes -UK

Charalampos Koumridis n° 104 – Greece
MartiKeijo Korelin – Finland
Jeroen Hilhorst 2015 – Netherland
Dieter Hopf Progresso

Every month we receive new guitars, some are already on hold and do not appear on the list. Feef free to ask us any question.

A bientôt

André & Philippe

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