World is getting smaller. .. that is true, bad or good that is a fact and for us a great opportunity to present an awesome Korean luthier Young Seo who build traditional guitars. His guitars are loud and sweet, very balanced. More importantly they are amazingly easy to play. Here is a comparison video with classical guitar from Young Seo versus a legendary Ramirez 1a.

Listen to the differences !

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Here are some information on our comparative videos..

You will notice as well that we shoot some new comparative videos against – all the guitar against a Jose Ramirez 1a guitar.
Explanations: because we explained so many times what are the differences between lattice or DT versus traditional, we have decided to shoot for all our new guitar a comparative video (sorry for those who were considering buying the Ramirez – that will surely question your dream maybe). We choose as a benchmark a Jose Ramirez 1a because mostly this guitar is one of the most famous classical guitar which is a landmark and a reference as guitar sound is concerned. The Ramirez can be found in the whole world that is raised once more our attention.
In the video, we choose the show you :
– a small melody with an arpegio to show the overall sound volume and color and the balance
– some chords to have an idea of the string separation (not so easy to hear)
– some basses of course
– and finally the sustain & overall overtones of the guitar (overtones are here to add note duration one the notes are off)

Hope you will enjoy !

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