The revolution of lattice guitars in our small classical guitar world started in the 90’s with the initiative of creative luthiers such as Greg Smallman, Ian Kneipp and Eugen Philip. They replaced the ‘spanish’ traditional classical guitar by a totally new concept. Lots have been said on the original lattice concept – heavy guitars, thin top, lattice bracing, usage of basal and carbon fiber -. Instead of explanations, we decided to shoot a video comparison with one the first lattice guitars made in Australia in 1995. Ian Kneipp worked with Greg Smallman and that can be seen and heard just by looking at his guitar.  Ian Kneipp is one of the few luthiers who worked and learned how to make lattice classical guitars with Greg Smallman. As one can expect his guitars are very close to Greg guitar. Loud and warm with a strong string separation. Greg’s guitars are dream guitars, Ian’s guitars as well!

Here are some more information on the 1995 Ian Kneipp guitar.

Here are some information on our comparative video:

We have made a few comparative classical guitar videos but we use them sparingly because each classical guitar has its strengths and weak points and the videos only put forward the sound for the listener and not what the musician could feel. Philippe strives to show the whole sound palette that each instrument can offer. Comparing two classical guitars only on the sound characteristics is to disregard the comfort of play and the capacity of the instrument to sublimate the musical intentions of each guitarist. The most beautiful palette of colours will not deliver a beautiful picture without the art of the painter and his brush stroke. Comparing classical guitar “deux a deux” means putting emphasis on differences and obliging the listener to choose. A rich method of teaching to ‘educate’ his ear knowing that the final choice will be based on a series of compromises to seek the right balance in sound colours.

Do not hesitate to contact us to ask us to compare other classical guitars.

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