Video detailed review of the Portentosa Evolucion from luthier Dieter Hopf

Dieter Hopf is famous for hs Portentosa. The Portentosa Evolucion is the most advanced Portentosa : a light lattice braced guitar. Here is a detailed review which will demontraste the sound quality of this great guitar.

The classical guitar Portentosa Evolucion is the top of Dieter Hopf guitars line. These guitars feature the loudness of the lattice with the legendary tone quality of the Portentosa. The guitar is light and the sustain is great and enhanced with overtones which fill up all the space. The craftsmanship is exquisite. There is a warmness and clarity with a huge colour potential. His instruments are well balanced with excellent projection and refined tone colour, his workmanship is meticulous with attention to detail, playability and appearance.

Be careful, it is not because all the models of classical guitars from Dieter Hopf look the same, that they sound the same.

This lattice classical guitar is a dream: the bestselling Portentosa has been revisited with a lattice top. The sound remains typical of Dieter Hopf classical guitars but with more power and more definition. It has very fat trebles with dark basses. A very ‘romantic’ or ‘Spanish’ sound but with huge overtones and long sustain. The neck is perfect. It is one of the best guitars in the world. The playability is great; the neck is slightly thicker than one normal guitar and oiled which gives a nice feeling for the left hand.

The famous Portentosa has been made using the lattice format by Dieter Hopf. This new Portentosa called Evolucion represents the achievement in terms of lattice classical guitar making : power, musicality, balance and confort. If all the Portentosa models look the same, this Evolution is a true revolution in terms of luthery. A fantastic instrument!

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