Here is our classical guitar inventory at that date. We have many guitars who should arrive in the course of September which are listed. Be careful some of them are already on hold.

Lattice :
John Price – due mid Septemnber
Zibgniew Gnatek – due mid September
Michael O’Leary – due mid September
Dieter Hopf Portentosa Evolucion
Giannis Paleodimopoulos
Régis Sala Australe
Dan Kellaway – on hold
Graham Caldersmith Semi-concert
Allan Bull
Ian Kneipp

Keijo Korelin
Martin Blackwell
Dake traphagen
Jeroen Hilhorst
Dieter Hopf progresso

Christian Koehn
Yuchi Imai 2016
Kenny Hill modèle Torres
Masaki Sakurai Modèle Maestro 2015 RF
Masaki Sakurai Modèle Maestro 2016
Jose Rodriguez Pena 2011
Pierre Marcard
Gary Southwell decacordes

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