Double-top guitars are fashionable but top double-top are difficult to find. Adding a double-top to a traditional guitar is not enough to produce a great double-top. Keijo Korelin made his classes with Gernot Wagner. We have recorded for you a detail review. enjoy !

The whole result is amazing, this DT is surely among the best one that you can find.

Here are some byography information on Keijo borrowed from his website:

“I have been making this double top model since 2010 and it has been my main focus since then. I call this model Triticum, the scientific genus that wheat belongs to. Wheat has been the main motif in my rosette design, tuning machines and label. I took my inspiration from Art Nouveau style and especially the work of French cabinetmaker Louis Majorelle.

My Triticum double top model is a powerful, really dynamic guitar with an extremely broad spectrum of colours and shades, evenness over all the fretboard, great playability and superb craftsmanship.

The Triticum model is a combination of Torres ́s heritage, my own ideas and modern techniques I learned in cooperation with my collegues such as Gernot Wagner, Gregory Byers and Eric Monrad.

The Triticum model has a double top made of Nomex, an elevated fingerboard, carbon strengthened neck, a continuous lining ”sound ring”, compensated nut and saddle bones and a twelve hole saddle.

My Triticum model is played by such guitarists as Stephen Brew (USA), Riccardo Invernizzo (Italy), Miklos Környei (Hungary), Masaaki Nakajima (Japan), Juuso Nieminen (Finland), Nemanja Ostoich (USA), Aleksi Rajala (Finland), Otto Tolonen (Finland), Victor Santana (Brazil) etc.”

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