Jesse Moore 2017 Spruce –  radial bracing : the Simon Marty school.

For the fan of the Simon Marty guitar, here is a new guitar from Jesse Moore. Jesse Moore is not so famous among the Australian luthier. That is truly unfair, Jesse is working part-time in Simon Marty workshop since many years. His guitars are very inspired but the work of Simon Marty.

For those who are dreaming to get a Simon Marty guitar …

The guitar has a radial bracing and quite the same structure that Simon’s guitars. the guitar shares the same features than those of Simon. As one could expect , here are what you will find :

  • clarity with wonderful sustain
  • big voice
  • long sustain and crystal clear trebles

For more information on the guitar;

Here are some video just for your pleasure:

Here are some more information of Jesse Moore guitars:

Jesse Moore is a young classical guitar maker who had classes with the luthier  Simon Marty. This Spruce classical guitar top has been made in Simon Marty’s workshop and as you can guess this classical guitar presents many of the qualities of Simon Marty. Compared to the one that we had in 2014, this one seems more opened but still with the charming voice of the ‘radial’ bracing guitars.

Inspired by Simon Marty, a true discovery

This guitar classical is perfect. Just listen to the video and you will appreciate it.


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