Dear friends

For this new year, we would like first of all to thank you for your support. As you guess, we spend a lot of time trying to find new amazing luthiers and new wonderful guitars. Keeping you inform is one of our first priority. Thanks to all the guitarists for watching our videos, reading our articles and following us. We try to be as much as possibe educational with objectivity.

Here are some figures which we are proud of  thanks to you:

  • We have produced  494 one-minute-demo videos which have been viewed 609 039 times since we do exist
  • 129 097 views in  2017 which is much higher than last year. Each video has been viewed more than 1200 times
  • Viewers are from first the USA with  17%, then  France which accounts for 12% then Germany and Japan

If France remains important, our customers are located worldwide in Europe but as well in Asia.

Only one bad new :  90% of our visitors are male players, Women represent only 10% … but that willchange for sure.

Thanks again  to all of you .. and best wishes for this new year.

André & Philippe

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