We just received two lattice guitars from our luthier Stanislaw Partyka, one with a cedar top and a 65 cm string length and the other one with a spruce top and a 64 cm string length. We are taking this opportunity to republish a review of a Stanislaw guitar received in 2016.

Stanislaw bio

Take the chance to listen to Stanilaw guitar review and to come and try his guitars.

We asked to Stanislaw Partyka to introduce himself:

‘Although I have always been fascinated with the classical guitar, in the early years I never imaged that one day I would be building them for a living.  However, what began as desire to learn to play eventually led to a life-long journey of both teaching others guitar while studying its craftsmanship and design.

While studying at Chopin Music Academy in Warsaw, I had many opportunities to play in small venues, where I realized that most classical guitars lacked a strong voice and good sound projection, especially when trying to accompany other (louder) instruments.

Eventually I built my first amplifier so that I could play being accompanied by the instruments like an accordion or vibraphone while playing the chamber music for the audience during special events.

During this time, I was never satisfied with the sound during performances because the amplifier did not accurately reproduce the natural sounds of the classical guitar. Therefore, I began searching for alternate classical guitar designs which could meet my expectations for both voice and sound quality.

I was particularly drawn to guitar tops using lattice bracing construction and double top to achieve the voice and tone I was looking for.

This style of construction can result in a light-weight, yet rigid sound board requiring less string energy to effectively transfer and project the sound.

My goal when building guitars is to achieve the rich harmonic pallet and even tones of traditional method of spruce bracing classical guitars while offering an enhanced loudness, uncommon for small body most instruments.’

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