Detailed video review of the Balsa double-top classical guitar luthier Martin Blackwell

In March we posted a video review from a Nomex double-top guitar from Martin Blackwell. This time we made a review of the new Balsa core Martin Blackwell double-top guitar. Both are nice however the balsa and the nomex are slightly different. The Nomex tends to add more medium for a rounder sound whereas the balsa sound is a little bit more balanced as regards roundness/warmness versus clarity/string separation. The Balsa adds as well a little more overtones.

Both are great guitars and for us among the top 3 double-top guitars.

Here are some information on the guitar :

We just received a new Double-top from Martin Blackwell : the n° 141 is using , as the latest No. 135 that we had, balsa instead of Nomex like the new Matthias Dammann. The results is amazing, the same thickness, the same loudness but with a little bit of brightness in the notes. This double-top produces fat and creamy notes and as well a long sustain with huge overtones, the sustain is long. A must.

Simply one of the best double-tops !
We are proud to introduce in Europe this young master of double-tops. Among the young and talented classical guitar makers from Canada, Martin Blackwell is offering classical guitars with a consistent standard of excellence, found in their depth of tone, balance and playability. His double-tops are very responsive and powerful opening up a great dynamic range with an excellent sustain and wonderful evenness and separation .

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