Philippe and I played 10 years ago on Jim Redgate’s guitars and getting in our showroom a brand new guitar from Jim was for us our Holygraal! Here is another 2020 lattice guitar which is beyond everything we could imagine. This guitar has a particular story and is very similar to the N°420 that we received earlier. The guitar has the same sound characters than Jim’s lattice guitars : warm sound, a great dynamic with a very traditional sounding. For this particular guitar , Jim reused an amazing body with a stunning wood from a guitar that he build previously. A super light lattice guitar forhuge sound and pleasure. Watch our video, you won’t be disappointed!

More information on this 2020 Jim Redgate lattice by clicking on the link.

Our team is comprised of guitarists who are passionate about guitar making and the technical possibilities afforded by modern instruments. Following Torres, Fleta, Bouchet, and Friedrich, many important developments have seen the light of day in Australia, the US, and Germany, by luthiers such as Smallman, Humphrey, and Damman; and their innovations in turn have been taken up by young, talented builders who have incorporated them into their own work.
Testing out — and buying — these new instruments overseas can be difficult because of the obstacles of language, international payment practices, shipping, insurance, customs fees, delays — not to mention the always-thorny issue of after-sales service. As a result, many potential customers decide against buying an instrument they cannot play beforehand.
Every guitar is different — even those made by the same luthier — which is why ordering an instrument without playing it beforehand is a gamble: you always run the risk of being disappointed, especially when you have waited several months for the guitar to arrive. That is why our main objective is to make concert guitars available to the public so that you can make your choice easily.
Though the work of these guitar makers has become accessible to all thanks to Internet, the concert guitar market remains national, at times even local. Though European luthiers are without a doubt quite skilled, they are often limited by what can only be called “traditional” methods.”

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