What’s up today  at www.concert-classical-guitar.com ?

It is kind of boring I guess for your  to read each time a post on our new guitars. You can have a look at the ‘new guitars in stock articles’ and we post as well new videos of our new guitars. However, we think it is nice anyway to give you an idea of today’s mood in our showroom: what are the things we like, or what has been surprising.

So here a flavor of what is going on here.

  • New luthiers, new luthiers, new luthiers: we spend a quite among of time searching for new luthiers which could offer some amazing guitars. It takes months before we can really work with  new guitarmakers mostly because we are choosy and as well because frankly the good ones do not need us which is not excatly true  – that is what I trying to convince them of-. What we learn is that the best luthiers of the world can make  fantastic guitars but when it comes to find the players it is another story. I always consider the luthiers like artists people and for them promoting personally their works can  really be a nightmare : next luthiers who will join us are Philipppe Neumann, Jim Redgate, Dennis Tolz, …
  • Search for the very best or nothing. Because we receive a large number of players, we got very knowledgeable about the reasons why players are changing of guitars. Among all the true valid reasons for spending thousands of Euro on a new guitar, the only one which makes sense to us is simply because you finally found a huge guitar. Not better than the one you have but a Million times better than the one you owns. If a guitar is just sliglty better or just better than yours, save your money and wait to find a FANTASTIC guitar. The new one has to be awesome, to blow your mind away and be a real killing!  Not less than that.
  • Be opened when choosing a guitar. We have in our shop big names and not so famous luthier guitars. And of course when players come here they always request to try first the famous luthier guitars. 9 times out of 10, they end up choosing without any consideration for the luthier notoriety and that is when starts the real selection. Just trust your ears and your feelings. Music is all about feelings anyway as life should be !



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