As you notice, our videos are mostly focusing on guitars testing. Oour video are onmy aiming at demonstrating the true qualities and ‘defaults’ as well of each guitar we are offering for sale. They aim at comparing each guitar against the other ones. That why we are not enhancing the sound quality by added some reverb and sustain, neither changing the sound tone by modifiy the sound balance as many of other dealers are doing. No sound modification, just the pure sound. For once, here is an Artist video, made by our Luthier Reza Safavian with one of the most talented player Xianji Lui. The guitar played by Xianji is the latest double-top that we sold.

Listen to the video, that will give you an idea of the quality level that we want to achieve with the few guitars which are offered in our shop.

Xianji Liu is the first Chinese-born winner of the prestigious Francisco Tárrega International Guitar Competition in 2016. Xianji Liu is played a 2017 Reza Safavian double-top guitar.

Here is a link with some detailed information on the guitar which is used in the video.

We are proud to be able to list in 2018 two guitars from the excellent luthier Reza Safafian. Next guitar from Reza is planned in May/June 2018.

Enjoy !

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