Daniel Friederich guitars are surely the most sought classical guitars in the world and the demand is huge. Although the prices are getting crazy they surely will reevalute overtime.

Here is a Daniel Friederich from the golden age – the 80’s –  which has not been repolished. You will find many Friederich which would look fine but most of them have had the top repolished by the owners. Repolishing a guitar is not a problem but if it is badly done that may have an impact on the sound.

This No 493 has kept its original components apart from the frets,  there are some small marks as one could expect on a concert guitar which has been played daily. The review from Philippe will be available mid October only. In the meantime, we asked a friend to record some sound samples.

Here are some details:

  • Cedar top and Indian rosewood back and sides
  • Tuners are original and in perfect working conditions
  • All the components of the guitars are original (saddle, bridge, fingerboard, tuners,..)
  • The guitar still has here original polish made by Daniel Friederich  … EVEN ON THE TOP. Just in the back of the guitar, where the chest touches the guitar , some polish has been added.
  • The frets have been changed however.
  • There are some normal playware on the top because the guitars has been heavily played until last month. (have a look at the pictures attached. More HD  pictures could be available on demand).
  • Only one owner (the original invoice will be as well available)
  • Of course, free of cracks


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