Among the famous luthier such as Matthias Damann, Greg Smallman, Jim Redgate, Daniel Friederich, Simon Marty build guitars with a huge one a kind personality. The sounds quality of his guitar is stunning: clear and mellow, loud with an amazing string separation.

The last new guitar that we received from Simon Marty was in 2013 mostly because Simon has a long waiting list.  Here is the chance to get a Spruce top / Indian rosewood guitar from Simon Marty just coming out of his workshop. It is really a dream guitar, the sound is pure, crystal-clear and mellow.

The demo videos of this particular guitar will be shoot end of December. In the meantime to keep you waiting here are some videos of some guitarists that we love which will play with Spruce top Marty guitars: Jeremy Jouve, Anabel Montesinos and the Zagreb guitar quartet.

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