More information and video on this Michel Belair DT guitar by clicking on the link.

Michel Belair is a Canadian Luthier. he is very famous for his Daniel Friederich ‘Hommage’ guitars. Michel Belair work is fully inspired by Daniel Friederich. However because Michel believes that he still can push a little bit forward Daniel Friederich esthetics, he developed for us a double-top with the objective to reinforced and the sound image of Daniel Friederich thanks to the help of the DT concept.

Here is a video comparison between a Michel Belair DT and a 1974 Daniel Friederich. As you will hear same tone color, same beauty but with a little bit more body in the notes for the Belair guitar.

Last but not least, the Belair is more than half the price of this particular Daniel Friederich !

Michel Belair Luthier classical guitar 2019 19BEL019-10
Michel Belair Luthier classical guitar 2019 19BEL019-10

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