Hideo Sato Prestige cedar top 2022 – Germany

Very rare: a cedar top Prestige model from Hideo Sato! The Prestige model is so far the highest model produced by Hideo. Compared to his standard model, the woods are Master grade to achieve the best sound results. The cedar brings a lot of overtones and a strong dynamics. The guitar is a traditional braced guitar but which is not that much traditional (the bracing is a pure invention from the Sato Family) and to us the sound is much closer in volume to a double-top or a lattice guitar. The tone colors are thus very traditional but with huge dynamics. The sound is very close to the ones of Kazuo Sato (his father) but with a little bit more dynamic. It is a dream guitar! The review video will be available in July. To keep you waiting, you will find the review from the Spruce Prestige sold last year.

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